Coping with Stress at work

Stress is a part of our lives today whether we like it or not. Technology has enabled speed in business operations to such an extent that it has set stiffer targets for everyone and we need to “run to stay at the same place” like the March Hare in “Alice in Wonderland”.

Since everyone in the Industry is a part of the rat race and companies like to cut costs in human resources being an easy option, this creates an overburdened and stressed workforce. Add to this is the stiff competition to move ahead in your career and the result is more stress.

So what is the solution? Very simple, if you really ponder over this for a while. While there is no magic wand to sweep away the worries, there are definitely some ways in which we can handle our stress more positively to our advantage.

Firstly, a reasonable amount of stress is essential in order to energize us into performing better. This is known as eustress or good stress. Its the adrenaline pumping just before a presentation that pushes us to give our best. Hence all stress is not that bad for us and we should understand when it crosses a certain limit after which it starts to weaken us and cause harm.

We must therefore know our limits and set our targets accordingly. Everyone wants to become a CEO but not everyone can become one. Let us have realistic expectations about our abilities and learn to enjoy the journey of life instead of being so focused on the end objectives that we miss out on the fun in reaching there.

We should also be able to find time for our family and friends as many in the Industry today are becoming workaholics and spend more time at work in order to climb the ladder faster. This is a self defeating trend as less time to family is a major cause for breakups in marriage and ignoring your children when they need you can have disastrous consequences leading to children becoming rebellious and devoid of family values.

Stress also affects our health adversely, hence we must take care of our bodies. We all know that stress can cause hypertension, obesity(due to binge eating) and at the extremes, even mental illness due to prolonged stress The best way to beat this is to follow a disciplined lifestyle with good dietary habits, adequate exercise and sleep. Meditation and yoga can definitely help, but it should be done regularly or the benefits will not show.

To sum up, stress is here to stay, but know how to handle it. Set your targets properly, look after your body and mind and enjoy the journey of life. After all, you live but once, make the best of it.

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