Soft Skills are essential for Success at interviews

We all live in a highly competitive world today where just like March Hare in Alice in Wonderland has remarked ” We need to keep running to stay in the same place”. This means that we need to constantly improve our skill sets in order to stay in the race.

Knowledge and technical skills definitely need updating but there is yet another set of skills that we choose to ignore at times at our peril and these are soft skills. Very often, either we feel they are not so important or that we possess them in good measure and hence do not need to enhance them. This is why we end up losing out at interviews where we often feel that we are competent and capable for the job.

What exactly are these skills then? The skills that we know commonly in this set are communication and listening skills but there are many more which we may not be aware of. These are interpersonal skills, listening skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills and finally being a team player.

The logic is simple – unless we hone these skills, we will not be able to stand out in a crowd and unless we get noticed today, we are not able to make selectors pay attention to our knowledge and technical skills. Therefore, in addition to being competent, it is essential to possess soft skills of a high calibre so as to get noticed and selected as also to be admired and respected by everyone and thereby contribute in a better manner.

So what are you waiting for – polish yourself and get that dream job that you were waiting for!

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